Anna M dj
Back in business post EU regulations and importing issues!

Hello folks.

It has been an interesting few weeks here at HOUSE of MODIR. Just after xmas we ran into BREXIT and were stoped dead in our tracks without the ability to restock our leather supplies.

I am very happy to announce we are back in business and can import via Europe our beautiful Italian leather and lanyard fixing with the required certificates.

Unfortunately we are we are still working with our snakeskin suppliers. I appreciate a few of you guys have ordered the very popular snakeskin #djac in January.

I have discussed this again with our suppliers and just to be as honest as we can. He is still uncertain of dates for restocking. I will know more at the end of January 2021.

If you want me to refund or select an alternative #djac. Please drop me an email on connect@houseofmodir.com and I will be very happy to help however I can.

Thank you all for you patience and BIG LOVE.

Cindy aka MODIR