djac Black Snakeskin Leather Lanyard
First #djac Photoshoot at Dead Famous with ADJ Photography in Newquay

Getting a new product to market is a journey that starts with telling a story.

The brief for Adj Photography was simple. To capture the functionality and design features of #djacs in an environment that suited the product.

As this product does not exist in the market. The main aim was to showcase who djacs are for and how they can work for dj’s and Producers to stash their usb’s, carts, music storage drives and credit cards before and after a gig.

I am eternally grateful for the level of local support for the shoot from Dj’s Anna M, Tim Nice, Danea B and the venue owner Ian Whitaker. Hannah Harding who was the only professional model and very kindly agreed to work on the shoot to help support this brand new venture – HOUSE of MODIR.

Adj Photography was nothing less than brilliant and understood the vibe and colour palette that I asked him to achieve.

We used a Pinterest board to share ideas to get feel for the imagery I was looking for – DJACS. Adj Photography translated this perfectly throughout the shoot.

The Venue

The Dead Famous Liquor Longe was beautifully lit with large windows streaming in natural light. We did have couple of challenges. Not least of them were the builders who had set up outside, right in front of the windows with big orange pedestrian control barriers and loud drilling throughout the day.

I would like to add that whilst I have worked within marketing and commissioned countless shoots for many years. I have never been responsible for ‘on-set’, creative direction. Adj accommodated my lack of direct experience by filling in the blanks without so much as a comment. Thanks Adj, this did not go unnoticed.

Whats Next

I am already planning our next shoot and adding to the range after very positive feedback from early sales and customers wanting new sizes and specific design features.

A selection of shots from the day that showcase djacs perfectly…

Contact me on connect@houseofmodir.com for further information and how to order select orders.