djac grey leather
In the beginning there was djacs and the story of HOUSE of MODIR began!

The idea for djacs is a simple one as I am a DJ myself. I was confronted by the fact that every DJ caries around usb’s and they had no real solution to keep them safe before and after a gig. So, I decided to create a new range of bags to keep them in that you can clip to anything or just throw in a bag and access easily.

My love for jewellery also made me realise that a beautifully designed and made bag would be desirable to many DJ’s as we all have love of accessories to keep our equipment in.

I also realised that we all have that free ear situation where a beautiful item of jewellery would be well received by the female and femme DJ community and event production community.

HOUSE of MODIR creates accessories and storage solutions that are as equally to the music they love to play. They had to be cool and funky and appeal to the inner performer.

In addition, the development of the credit card size djac made sense to anyone who wanted to keep a credit card handy wherever they went.

I hope you love the HOUSE of MODIR range as much as I do. Please feel free to make any requests for bespoke bags or accessories that will make your life as a DJ/Producer or Production crew easier.