djac black leather (usb size)


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Perfectly formed at 10cm x 6.5cm to carry your precious usb’s both before and after your gig.

Made with all natural materials. 100% black hide leather pouch, black leather wrist lanyard with a cotton core and alloy-steel clasps.

This is the perfect travel bag for your usb’s and you can claim zero plastics with ethically sourced parts.

1 in stock (can be backordered)

HOUSE of MODIR design and make a range called djacs. This range includes pouches, bags and lanyards for Dj’s and those who work in production. Djacs allow you to move freely and keep you treasured USB’s, credit cards, keys, headphones, site/crew passes, and extras you carry, nice and secure.

The lanyards are made with quality Napa leather or raw silk with alloy-steel connectors for that extra quality look and feel.

These can be made bespoke for that special Dj/Producer/Performer in your life or you can build your own lanyard or wrist-yard with beautiful additions in silver, leather, stainless steel and semi-precious stones.

Exclusive, one-offs can also be ordered with all sterling silver fixings. These exclusive djacs make the perfect gift or if you just want something a little different to stash your precious things.

Or you can choose stainless steel ball chain for that more industrial and ‘techno’ feel with steel or sterling silver dog tags for an extra special message.

Just email for details and how to place a bespoke order.