djac Blood Hide Leather Lanyard
We love leather and manufacture Djac’s with the very best Italian.

Looking for great leather is a personal mission of the team at HOUSE of MODIR.  

Sourcing has taken us to the land of beautiful leather, Italy.

Our suppliers say…

We are committed to respecting the world, nature and the people who are part of it, with the aim of combining ecology and work… We provide leather working supplies and in particular vegetable tanned leather, with the ecological “green” character, giving you the opportunity to work only with natural materials.


Our leather supply store sells only a by-product because the animals are not bred to get their skins, but for food purposes: creating objects with our leather ennobles their sacrifice in a recovery and value perspective.

Our suppliers…

In addition, they care about the environment, and that is why nothing is wasted: cuttings, scraps, remnants, pieces and leather sheets that would otherwise end up in landfills are collected and skilfully selected by us to offer products of recycling but of excellent quality.

If you have any questions about how we source our leather or any other aspects of our supply chain email us on connect@houseofmodir.com.